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The arts have always been worship's language of choice, but never more so than today in our 21st century. BRIM is a perfect tool/guide/companion for leaders who want to "talk" that language for their own worship and within that which they are structuring for others. It is, quite literally, a cordial companion, full of ideas and possibilities as well as of holy potential.

Phyllis Tickle

Founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly, Author of Emergence Christianity and The Great Emergence

Andra Moran and Suzanne Castle are two of the most imaginative and grounded liturigical artists at work today. In BRIM they balance tradition and innovation, integrate word, image, and sound, and offer worship planners a wealth of creative ideas for leading innovative, embodied, and authentic encounters with with Holy Mystery. 

Rev. Dr. Tim H. Robinson

Brite Divinity School, author of Spirit and Nature

"With this thoughtful and beautiful book, Andra and Suzanne have assembled tools to advance important conversations in small group and community settings. This format immerses the participants in the topic in all manner of ways, including a refreshing approach to how music from all points of the spectrum can create a sacred space. Words become embodied conversations, and hearts are provoked to grow and change."

Stephen Mason

Jars of Clay

The hurried worship leader might browse quickly through this book and conclude only that it provides some creative, fully fleshed-out worship services. A deeper read reveals that the authors are not only offering frameworks for multiple series of worship services, but also that they are proposing a particular way of designing worship that is more thoughtful, thorough, artistic, and interactive than anything most of us have seen. Castle and Moran bring to Brim the kind of creativity and multiple intelligences that can seem like magic to the average worship team. Read and re-read – not just for the content, but the method as well. Your church can do this!

Rev. Dr. Christopher Grundy

Eden Theological Seminary, singer/songwriter

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