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  • Andra Moran

    Andra Moran lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she works as a songwriter, singer, author, worship designer and freelance touring musician in a variety of settings.

    In addition to her work in concert and commissioned music, Andra is a consultant in worship design, modern liturgical music and ministry in churches and conferences across the country. She is regularly engaged as a clinician and workshop leader, teaching songwriting, worship design and creative expression.

    Andra has released six full length albums and three EPs, in addition to a bilingual album titled Chant Spontané which was released by the Reform Church of France. Andra’s songs have been published in contemporary song and hymnal collections and are sung in liturgical gatherings across the United States, Canada and Europe.

    Andra is the co-founder of The Convergence Music Project with Bryan Sirchio, Christopher Grundy, Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, Cameron Trimble and Brian McLaren.

    Her writings include the leadership devotionals for One Great Hour of Sharing and “K-Tunez Praise,” in 2013 for Capitol Records / Brentwood Benson. Andra is also the author of curriculum for the Center for Faith and Giving (2018) and the Ecumenical Stewardship Center (2019), as well as Brim: Creative Overflow in Worship Design-- the Editor’s Choice Award by Worship Leader Magazine and was chosen as a favorite resource of the Wild Goose Festival.

    Currently, Andra sings and writes full time, and works part time on the staff of Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville as the Creative Director and Worship Pastor. She enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, making it through airport security with no do-overs, and seeking adventure with her five year old daughter, named after the heirloom lilies in that bloom in her garden.

    Suzanne Castle

    Suzanne Castle lives in Forth Worth, Texas where she works as a producer, pastor, consultant, speaker and worship designer in a variety of settings. This former professional actress and dancer has authored multiple magazine articles and books, has her own show Thought Leader Thursday, and multiple resources/courses for leadership and creativity.

    Seen as a featured speaker in such spaces as Chapman University, Wild Goose Festival, EmpowerHERed Summit, International Association of Women, and Behind Her Brand, Suzanne’s desire is to call to life the creative spirit in herself and others, to invigorate and honor artists and creatives as they lend their essential vision to the way we see the world.

    As a deeply creative spirit with sparkle in her soul, Suzanne Castle recognized early on the importance of art to capture our attention. The joy-filled ability to recreate the world and allow it to glimmer anew – the “sparkle factor” – is a necessary and too often neglected piece of our humanity and thriving. 

    She was delighted to coauthor Brim: Creative Overflow in Worship Design with creative collaborator, Andra Moran and has presented in large scale events from denominational gatherings to smaller scale events like Wild Goose, C21, W, LeadUMC and many more faith-based spaces.

    It is her joy to foster this space for others, through one-on-one coaching, group retreats and events, speaking engagements, and stargazing.

    When not creating and speaking you can find Suzanne sipping chocolate Dr. Peppers (or wine!) and enjoying dog smooches from her furkids Brando and Trinka and soaking up giggles with her daughter, Ava and partner, Brian. 

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